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What you drink is as important as what you eat

While the whole world is so busy telling us constantly about what is good to eat and what is not, they seem to be missing a piece in the puzzle...
Here's the piece...  What you choose to drink on a regular basis, is infact just as important as the foods we eat.  Once upon a time  there were so fewer choices in both food and drink and so much less processed and refined foods.  The benefits of this were that  our human bodies were not so dangerously damaged and affected as they are today. Unfortunately today, society is plagued with individuals who are insulin resistant, leptin resistant, diabetic, or with metabolic X syndrome.  These disorders  are all a cumulative consequence of too much processed and refined foods and drinks. They have simply overloaded their systems so much with these choices that the body gives up functioning as normal and starts to retain weight and to malfunction. Therefore it makes it very tough for someone to lose weight easily. Drinking sugary and diet drinks is a  NO NO as it  aggravates the system even more -again fuelling it's decline. Caffeine too has an adverse effect, stressing the nervous system out to the hilt and again leading to a viscious and continuous cycle of dysfunction. 

So, my advice is that there are many drinks out there that may help  you to reach  your goals by helping the system into a state of recovery.  Chicory root  powder is a great substitute for coffee, nourishing the kidneys and liver and cleansing the system.  White Peony Tea is miraculous as a white tea that is extremely high in antoxidants and again helps the liver and kidneys and lowers blood pressure.  It also is said to calm the brain  helping with stress and anxiety. Herbal teas are great , in many flavours and very refreshing. And lastly, WATER both carbonated and still are a MUST and with a slice of lemon  lime or ginger in the morning really stimulate the body to  function at its best.  Try  to make these good choices when you choose the foods you are eating.  both are equally as important as each other and you will reap the benefits in how you look and feel ! :-)

The Power that Comes


Hi All,
Today's thought is about why we are all striving to feel fitter and healthier , weight and tone up. It seems like it's a constant battle for some. They try but they never quite get there. They succumb to their weaknesses and easily slip back into their old ways. They feel disappointed and the cycle is repeated mindlessly.
But there are some who succeed beyond their expectations. They lose the weight, they keep it off, they see their new body evolve, they feel fitter and healthier. But it seems their true motivation lies in an unexpected added benefit that they had not anticipated . Suddenly during your transformation, you sense that you feel more 'Powerful' , more balanced and in control. While those around you continue to binge, your strength and willpower surpasses all temptation. What's your secret they wonder quietly to themselves?? The answer : 'Power' and 'confidence' like never before. A combination that surges true energy through your body not sourced from foods but from deep within your soul. It's like you are experiencing a whole new world , a whole new meaning to things , a whole new 'YOU' . Will you ever go back to your old eating habits, old ways...? I don't think so. Why ? It's simple. Nothing tastes as good as 'Power' feels :)
Enjoy this thought and enjoy your day. Thanks for reading :)

Exercise and mood

Exercise is the greatest mood booster in the world!

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